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East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

We are partnering with the Sustainable Economies Law Center on developing the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (EBPREC), a scalable cooperative housing model designed to spread the idea that all people should aspire to live in community controlled housing.

This initiative seeks to make land and housing more accessible to community members, especially those that have been historically disenfranchised, in the face of rampant speculation and rising real estate prices.  

What is a PREC?

This developing model builds limited equity housing principles into emerging cooperative real estate ownership models becoming popular in New York City and a handful of other places. In this model, a Cooperative Corporation is formed to take title to the land. The owners (aka members) of the cooperative will include residents of the cooperative's property and of the surrounding community. This cooperative can hold a single property, or it can serve as the platform for the development of a new model of property ownership, acting as a container for the acquisition of multiple properties within a city or region.  The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative is the first iteration of this model.

As POCSHN's fiscal sponsor, we are partnering with NCLT to build joint organizational capacity, cultivate prospective and existing cooperative resident groups, and establish new sites for permanently affordable housing across the Bay Area.


To get involved and for more information visit the East Bay PREC website:

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