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Bay Area Community Controlled Housing Resources 

These organizations and websites offer resources and information focused on permanently affordable resident-controlled community ownership models including community land trusts, limited-equity housing cooperatives, affordable co-housing and more. These projects also list current openings, policy campaigns related to community-controlled housing, as well as legal and financial literacy tools for residents interested in forming and sustaining

co-ownership models.

Bay Area Housing Justice - Services, Advocacy & Policy Resources

These organizing projects offer thorough resources on renter's rights as well as local & statewide policy and advocacy campaigns focused on expanding rent control, just cause eviction, blocking unjust foreclosures, and other efforts to expand affordable housing and keep low-income communities in their homes.​

Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)-Centered

Intentional Communities, Farms, Retreat Centers and Homesteads

These land-based formations and projects center Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in their focus and membership. POCSHN is inspired to support the growth and creation of more land projects and initiatives like these. 

General Intentional Communities, Cooperatives, & Co-Housing Resources

These are mainstream regional, national and international organizations focused on supporting and creating ecovillages, intentional communities, co-housing and cooperatives. 

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