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Community Co-Ownership Initiative Cohort-Track Application Open!!!

The application to join the cohort track of the Community Co-Ownership Initiative (CCOI) 2018 Education and Training Series on shared housing ownership models is open! View & Fill Out Application Form Here.

The Community Co-Ownership Initiative is a partnership between the People of Color Sustainable HousingNetwork (POCSHN) and the Northern California Land Trust to diversify and expand access to shared ownership and resident controlled housing models to low and moderate income Bay Area residents.

Cohorts are defined as at least 2-3 representatives of a dedicated group of people invested in the formation of a cooperatively or collectively owned resident-controlled housing site in the Bay Area. This series will consist of both open-to-the-public training sessions and cohort-focused working sessions on the basics of site assessment, group governance & decision making, legal structures, and financial strategies for cooperative ownership and stewardship.

Training Series Topics Include: 1. Overview of Community Land Trusts and Cooperatives History 2. Overview of Models for Cooperative Development & Resident Ownership 3. Creating a Life Together: Collective Vision, Group Process and Decision-Making 4. Cooperative Governance 101 5. Property Search & Site Assessment 6. Financing Options, Budgeting and Feasibility Analysis

What We're Looking For In Participants: - We are looking to support 3-4 cohort groups through this series. - At least 75% of the cohort participants should be low-income households (Alameda County Income Levels For Reference: - We hope to support a diverse set of aspiring projects (i.e. limited equity co-housing, cooperative housing, resident-controlled apartment buildings, accessory dwelling unit projects etc.) - Cohort members should have some foundational relationships with each other and at least a budding shared vision for a collective ownership project in the Bay Area. - We're hoping that participants will bring their passion and creativity to the project - ready to put the energy into transforming our relationships to housing, land, and home! - We hope that participants who pursue successful projects will return as part of the trainer pool for future cohorts. - If we have more applicants than we can support for the training cohort we may need to limit enrollment. We’ll decide based on the best fit with the above criteria.

What will cohort track participants gain from this series? Cohorts will: - Build a solid group foundation and vision for collective governance and cooperative ownership. - Be better equipped to identify priority sites for co-ownership projects. - Co-develop and practice innovative financing strategies for co-ownership projects. - Receive in-depth technical assistance from CLT & cooperative development experts. - Grow partnerships with the Northern California Land Trust (and like-minded entities) on developing and financing co-ownership projects.

Time Commitment: Cohort members will be expected to attend a monthly 3-hour training session and hold cohort-focused working sessions in between each training session from April 2018 - September 2018. (Approximately 5-8 hours/month)

Our hope for this program: Education and training is at the heart of our response to the current housing crisis. By training community members at risk of displacement with these tools, our hope is to anchor and expand the range of economically feasible co-ownership projects in the Bay Area and beyond.

For more info about the initiative, please visit: or

Application Due April 9, 2018 (by 11:59pm)

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